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LipSense stays on your lips without having to reapply from 4-18 hours!! #gamechanger Try it out for yourself - we are happy to help you color match or choose a new shade. Free shipping on all orders!

View our current LipSense inventory (immediate ships) on our Facebook group page: Swoon & Smooch. Here you will find updates on in-stock colors & glosses. Out of stock colors can be special ordered though - so don't let our in-stock selection limit you.

To order LipSense, fill out the form below with the following, or by email to swooncustomerservice@gmail.com.

  • first & last name
  • lip colors & glosses wanted (include quantities if more than 1)
  • shipping address (street, city, state & zip)

Lip Colors $25 // Glosses $20 // Starter Kit $55

lipsense 36 colors